We recommend following all NFPA Codes.  The national fire code includes and advises homeowners to protect each floor of the house. NFPA recommends installing smoke alarms in every bedroom, outside each sleeping area on every level of your home.

Many homes are built with smoke detectors, but in most cases these sensors are not monitored. All of Alarm One Integrators sensors communicate with our Monitoring Center, via the Control Panel.

Smoke and Heat Sensors provide your most comprehensive and effective fire protection by detecting smoke, detecting heat and being monitored. Monitoring is critical, to dramatically reduce the response time of the fire department in an emergency.  Monitoring also protects your home when you're not there.  * Consult with NFPA and AHJ for local code requirements.

  • A signal is sent to the control panel when the detector requires cleaning. This allows you the ability to clean the detector before it goes into alarm.
  • Virtually eliminates nuisance alarms from long-term dust build-up by automatically adjusting the detector’s sensitivity
    Removable Detector Cover and Chamber Top.  The ability to quickly and easily clean the detector chamber without disassembling the detector head.

  • Approved UL Listings for Residential and Commercial Applications
  • LED Status Indicators
    Identifying between alarm or trouble conditions.   A green and red LED status indicators. A green LED denotes a normal condition while the red LED indicates abnormal conditions.

  • Easy-to-install Mounting Base
    The sturdy mounting base allows the detector to be more easily installed on uneven surfaces (i.e. stucco).

  • Utilizes one long-life 3V lithium battery
  • Maintenance signal fully complies with the sensitivity test requirement specified in NFPA 72, 7-2.2 and is approved by UL


The 5808W3 is a 3V lithium powered, photoelectronic smoke/heat detector with a built-in wireless transmitter. 

Wireless Smoke Detector



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