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These will protect large areas


Motion Sensors effectively protect large rooms and common areas. Use them to reduce the number of Window Sensors you need. Typically Motion Sensors aren't armed when you're home. Your own movement through the house will set them off. If you regularly arm your system while at home, Window or Glass Break Sensors might be preferable.

Pets don't trigger the alert if they're under 40 pounds. If your pet is larger, simply place the Motion Sensor higher in the room.

Wireless Motion Sensors

The 5800PIR Series of Wireless Motion Detectors are high-performance, easy-to-install sensors featuring sleek, compact designs that are ideal for applications where aesthetics or discretion are critical.


  • Automatic walk test
  • No mounting height adjustments
  • Ceiling and wall mounting brackets help to easily direct the pattern where needed
  • 7' - 9' mounting height
  • Easy opening case
  • Longer battery life
  • End user replaceable batteries