2. Plan locations for your sensors

- Each sensor comes pre-numbered

- Choose your sensor locations prior to setup

Let's Activate Your System

2. Download the Total Connect App

Be sure to download our free home security app.  It's a great way for

remote access and control of your system.  The app works on:

                                    - Android

                                    - iPhone & iPad

                                    - Windows

                                    - Blackberry


After Your System is Activated

4. Set up your other sensors

- After you have protected your doors, proceed with placing the rest of your sensors

5. Call Alarm One Integrators to Test and Activate

- Give us a call and we'll walk you through each piece of equipment to ensure it's working properly

- We'll activate it and your home will be secure

Setting Up Your System


3. Customize Your System

Name Your Sensors - this ensures that your alerts and history are displayed correctly with sensor names that make sense to you ("Front

Door, Garage Door, Basement Door")

Create Notifications - set up text or email alerts for almost any system event - arming, alarms, power failure, open or closed sensor)

 1. Set up your Control Panel

- We preconfigure the Control Panel to communicate with all of your sensors

- Determine where you would like to place your Control Panel

- Plug the Control Panel into the wall 

3. Set up your door sensors

- Set up the sensors at your doors first, using your lowest numbered sensors first 1,2,3

- Simply peel-and-stick your sensors in the predetermined door locations

Desktop Version on bottom of screen

1. Master Codes

After calling Alarm One Integrators to activate, your alarm system is ready to be monitored.  You will need:

Master Code - This will be your 4 digit pre-programmed code used to disarm your Control Panel

Additional User Codes - Additional 4 digit codes that will also disarm your Control Panel.  These can be added and deleted through your Total Connect account.