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How it works

Professional Assistance whenever you need it. 1-877-3-ALARMS

Ready To Respond

At our monitoring centers, trained security dispatchers stand by around the clock, ready to respond to any emergency. When an incident occurs they respond quickly by contacting you to confirm the validity of the alarm, and in the event of an emergency contacting your local law enforcement.

Many police departments will only respond to monitored alarm systems because monitored alarm systems are less likely to cause a false alarm. Owning a monitored alarm system often ensures a discount on your homeowners insurance premiums that may completely offset the cost of the monitoring service.

Security Monitoring Benefits
- UL Listed Monitoring
   - 24-7 Monitoring
   - Trained Dispatcher
   - Emergency Personnel Response
   - Insurance Premium Discounts

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UL listed monitoring centers.

Homes without monitored burglar alarms are three times more vulnerable to intrusion than homes that have them. Our UL listed professional monitoring centers insure your home is protected from danger 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A UL listing guarantees the facility has undergone the proper safety testing and certification to deliver quality electronic security system monitoring services.